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June 2021
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About TEKKEN™ Mobile

TEKKEN Mobile, the world’s most successful fighting game franchise has just gotten better. TEKKEN Mobile is now available on both Android and iOS phones! This mobile app has been in the making for over a year and was designed to be as authentic as it can get. The developers have made sure that anyone who downloads this amazing free app will feel like they are playing TEKKEN 7 with their friends anywhere they go. Join us in celebrating TEKKEN Mobile by reading our blog post about how we rank TEKKEN among other fighting game franchises!

TEKKEN Apk is a series of fighting games that was first released in 1994. Unlike many other fighting game franchises, there are no complicated combos to memorize and get down; instead, you just have to press buttons at the right time. This makes it easy for anyone who has ever played a video game before to jump right into this franchise!

TEKKEN™ Mobile Gameplay

The gameplay starts with an intro sequence where players can choose between several different characters from their favorite TEKKEN Series such as Jin Kazama or Anna Williams. Once they’ve chosen their character, they’ll be given two options which include Classic Arcade (for those of us who grew up playing Tekken)

Features of Tekken Mobile App

  • Online Multiplayer Mode: You can fight against people from all over the world in one on one matches.
  • Offline Versus Mode: It’s like a traditional arcade that allows you to play with your friends or family locally, except now it’s available for mobile! TEKKEN FEATURES INCLUDE FOR FREE: – Classic Arcade Modes (Tekken Force, Ghost Battle)
  • New Scenarios and Characters From Recent Tekken Games Available To Purchase As DLC.


TEKKEN™ Mobile Apk is the perfect fighting game franchise for those of us who want something intense yet simple enough so anyone could pick up and play without having to memorize difficult combos. The gameplay is engaging which makes it

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