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About Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media application that provides facilities for its users to send one-time, short-lived video and audio messages to their friends. After being viewed once these messages are deleted forever.

Snapchat apk is an excellent messaging app by which users can interchange their photos and videos (that is called snaps) that are disappeared after they’re viewed. It may be a fun way for teens to connect.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging application that can be used for sharing pictures, text, videos, drawings. It can be downloaded freely and used for sending unlimited messages. Snapchat has got huge popularity within a very short time, especially with young people. The main feature of Snapchat is the messages disappear from the recipient’s phone after a few seconds that is totally different from other texting and photo-sharing Apps. So using this app you can show your friends how clever you can be and enjoy a fun time.

Snapchat App Features

  • The message will remain in view for a while and then it disappears forever.
  • If they take a screenshot, you will be informed.
  • You will view best friends by building relationships, collecting points
  • Snapchat is a fun and enjoyable app.
  • You can make voice or video calls to friends by Snapchat globally without spending money. Even if anyone is offline, one can easily send him a message to call back when he is online.
  • People like to chat, Snapchat has created an app by which you can chat messages, voice and video calls.

How to use Snapchat app

Snapchat apk can be used on Android and iOS mobile phones. After downloading the app you can use the following basic functions:

  • Swipe down contacts from the home screen and add it
  • Use the capture button for taking photos and for making videos hold it down
  • To edit pictures swipe the buttons left and right with on the side
  • You can add it in your story or send it to an individual person
  • To chat with friends, swipe right from the home screen
  • To access your friends’ stories, swipe left from the home screen,
  • Then swipe left again for the curated Discover section

Snapchat amazing Tips and Tricks

  1. After Clicking A Photo, apply Snapchat apk Face Lenses

Snapchat recently added a new feature on its Android app by which users can use face lenses even it can be used after clicking a photo. When you will click on a photograph, Snapchat will show you a ‘Smiley’ icon below the ‘Paperclip’ link icon. Before taking the picture, tap it to access the complete range of face lenses. It should be remembered that this feature will only work if your full face is visible. If your photo does not show clear this app will not show the Smiley icon that provides you with the face lenses.

  1. Tailor your Snapchat Experience

If there are a lot of Snapchatters that annoying in the app, discover a page. But it is not always not filled with useless information, this page is populated with gossips and rumours or some other pop culture topics. In this case, go to Snapchat’s viewfinder page, then tap your profile and hit the settings cog. Now you will get an option called ‘Manage’ and inside this option will get another two options called ‘Advert Preferences’ and ‘Lifestyle & Interests’.

In Advert preferences, you can toggle some options to see ads that are relevant to you. On the other hand, in Lifestyle & Interests, you will see a lot of option such as Meme Watchers, Action & Thriller Genre Fans and so on. You can flip the toggles for the topics which are relevant and expected.

  1. Recognize Songs with Shazam Integration

It is another feature of  Snapchat. Many people do not know about this. To identify the songs that are playing, you can use Snapchat’s Shazam integration. For this at first launch the app, then press and hold on the camera’s viewfinder until the app recognizes the song.

  1. Share your favourite Stories Outside the  snapchat Apk

New updated Snapchat also starts an option for you to share stories outside the app. To share a story outside Snapchat, tap and hold to bring options, instead of tapping on a story to see it. Then you will get an option to share the story outside the app.

  1. Send Money Using Snapchat

Recently Snapchat launched a new feature which provides facility for users to send money to their friends. But currently, this feature is only available in the USA. If you live in the USA you can use this option. For this at first tap on the profile icon present on the camera app, then tap on the gear icon and then scroll down to find Snapcash option and tap on to set it up. But to use this feature, you need to be above 18 years of age. You will have to enter your credit/debit card details and then add it to your account.

  1. Disable Snap Map

Currently, Snapchat launched a new Snap Map feature by which your friends can see where you are and you also see his/her location. You can disable Snap Map so that your location can not be captured.

  1. Find your Celebrities on Snapchat

To find celebrities on Snapchat you will get an easy way. For this tap on the Search button  of Snapchat app and then search “official” word. Snapchat will provide a list of all the official accounts starting with official celebrities. It is an easy way to find a lot of celebrities without entering their username one by one.

  1. Collect your Snapchat History Data

Have you have been using Snapchat for a long time? Do you want to know, what type of data is kept in Snapchat? You can easily Download your Snapchat History Data. For this, firstly visit the page and log in with your username and password. Then click on the button named “MY DATA” and then click on the button. named “Submit Request”.

  1. Use Audience Analytics

Snapchat has launched another feature called Snapchat Insights which is used to see Story Views according to week, month, and year. To get your analytics panel, first tap on bitmoji, which is appeared left corner of the camera screen. Now click on the Insights button. Here you will get two different analytics parameters.

There are more than 150 million Snapchat users use this app to Snap with families, share emotions & stories with friends and view different events around the world. On this social media, you can share a Snap picture or video maximum of 10 seconds. There are 400 million Snapchat stories are posted per day. There are 20,000 photos are shared for every second. You can use Snapchat for visually promoting your brand or products. You can also make your post powerful by using filters and text and take the attention across social media.

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