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December 20, 2020
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About Mobdro

There was a time when the television was the be-all-and-end-all of entertainment. Televisions spread across the world and people spent hours and hours sat in front of the little box in their living room. Times are changing though, and televisions are falling out of favour to the internet. Mobdro App is an android app that allow you digital television streaming in your android phone.

Nowadays everyone depends on their android phone for time passing. Mobdro Apk is best for them who love to spend time with television.  For this awesome streaming UI, Mobdro becomes most popular app overworlds.

Top Amazing Feature’s of Mobdro

There are lots of features for television lovers on mobdro. Mobdro acts like a tool which continuously grabs all the Video Stream available on the Internet and makes them available to the audience.

  • All Channel are totally free – No need to pay or register for watching tv.
  • User can easily find their tv channel or movie by auto-suggested search functionality.
  • Change anytime tv and mobile mood by a single click.
  • The clean UI makes it darn easy for users to filter out the streams based on their likeable topics, languages, and categories making it very easy to quickly get to watch the favourite video.
  • Along with download option, Mobdro has the option to share the Live Stream of any video with peers using Share option, which is again unlike too many alternative video streaming apps available out there.
  • User can share their favourite movie or tv series by mobdro share system.
  • Download and enjoy the content of offline without internet.
  • Mobdro also promises you with upcoming premium feature such as removing all ads, set your phones into the sleeping timer, and many more


So we hope you enjoy your best time with mobdo app. If you are new on mobdo , let;s start download today and enjoy your best time with mobdro app. The application is free so you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want

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